Present Moscow underground map (click to enlarge), 2024

Metro service as of March 31, 2024.

Future opening:
2Q 2024 - transfer between stations Aviamotornaya (Line 8 & 11);
3Q 2024 - transfer between stations Elektrozavodskaya (Line 3 & 11);
3Q 2024 - station Potapovo (Line 1).

Moscow Metro tours

Photo, 2018

For booking call +7 (499) 321-7072

During the excursion you will find out the history of appearance and development of Moscow Metro. You will see examples of stations of different periods.

You will understand how change of historical stages and Soviet ideology influenced architecture, technologies of construction and finishing materials: in the 1930th there was the search of new construction decisions; in 1940-50 there was the cult of Stalin personality and memory of the Great Patriotic War; in 1950-60 appeared dethronement of the cult of Stalin personality and fight against the excessive decoration; since the 1980th there was an appearance of a kaleidoscope of the stations decorated absolutely differently: from a mosaic to metal designs in modernist style.

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